I needed to have a rather quick inventory done on my home and business and these 2 ladies dropped everything to come and do it. They made the process look effortless and I hardly knew they were there. As a matter of fact I continued to conduct business during the entire time the inventory was being taken. I would highly recommend to every home owner to have this done. My sense of security has increased immensely now that it is finished. An A#1 job!

    Cecelia Conrad
    CC/Five Star Mechanical
    Columbia City, Indiana


Tri-State Home Inventory came and did a home inventory for me and I could not be happier. They were very professional in every way. I was particularly concerned about the “neatness” of my home and they both reassured me that the purpose of their business was not so that I could be featured on the TV show “How Clean Is Your House”. I felt very at ease having them here and they were very respectful of my home and belongings.

    Claudia Faye Hicks
    Angola, Indiana


My house burned to the ground in 1998. I can’t tell you the devastation we all experienced. Jennie was one of the people that helped me go through the rubble to try and salvage whatever possible. We cried together as we tried washing smoke off of melted dishes and tried to separate water damage photos. The most heart wrenching part was walking through my girls’ rooms and trying to remember what used to be there. I am just so sorry that I had not had a home inventory done. Even though a home inventory would not have taken away the emotional pain of the loss, it sure would have solved my problems after the fire. Never again will I go more than a year without having an up to date list of my possessions and valuables.

    Lita Rowe
    New Haven, Indiana

As professional mortgage brokers we see many people everyday who could benefit from the services of Tri-State Home Inventory. What better time to have an inventory done than when you are moving into your new home. Everything is organized just they way you want it. We recommend this service to all of our customers. This is a very valuable service to our community and the Tri-State area.

    Janie & Roger Gundy
    Monument Mortgage
    Angola, Indiana

My parents had a fire 15 years ago. It was just a nightmare going through things. There was stuff hanging from the ceilings and everything was drippy and dirty from the fire department. For 15 years I have been trying to get a home inventory done. Tri-State Home Inventory did in 2 hours what I could not get done in that same 15 years. Now it’s done and I don’t have to worry about it anymore. I have already recommended them to several friends.

    Stephanie Kersten
    Angola, Indiana

As a former Indiana State Trooper and now as a professional investigator, I highly recommend Tri-State Home Inventory. You have no idea how many homes I go into where there has been a theft and people have absolutely no idea what was taken. If they do know what was stolen they often do not know the serial numbers of their stolen items. It makes our job so much easier when this information is well documented. We can take those numbers to the local pawn shops and more easily identify recovered stolen objects. I can’t emphasize enough the need for this service in every home across America. I’ve seen the finished product these girls put out and their work is outstanding.

    Ken Shelton
    Shelton Investigations
    Angola, Indiana


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